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Bahay at Buhay

Bahay at Buhay is an extra special mural for me. Woven in this tapestry of Philippine-inspired patterns are offerings to the city by community members of SoMa Pilipinas.

Among these vibrant and abstract images are three precolonial Tagalog goddesses in each section of the mural. Each goddess represents a different offering:

Dian Masalanta

the goddess of love, a server of those in need. Community members are invited to write what and who they care for in SF. This ranged from personal loved ones to favorite places in the city.


goddess of harvest, a representative of balance. Through Lakapati, we gave thanks of what San Francisco gives to us and what we vow to give back. These notes included gratitude for giving us a home and vows of providing support for our communities.


goddess of the morning and new beginnings. Community members were invited to write what they hope for SF's future and their own. Through Hanan, we shared our hopes for the future of the 415. This included the demand for #landback, #reparations, communities uplifting each other through justice and growth, and more.


Shoutouts to @galingbata @youthartx @pepsanfrancisco @balaykreative @somacare @somacc_sf for making this mural full of so much love.

Bahay at Buhay is a mural commissioned for @yerbabuenacbd, in partnership with paintthevoid @wearetogethersf @shineonsf

Made possible with hella support from @louisabbee @vampire_frog

Extra shoutout to @anthonyisjim @venusveritas

And! Love to @yerbabuenacbd staff for making me feel safe and welcomed throughout the process


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