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Care for Mother Earth

In partnership with the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone

Drone photos by @iromo_

As Native peoples, we, the Ramaytush Ohlone, understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things and the need to retain balance and harmony with all of nature. That knowledge frames our instruction and responsibility to care for Mother Earth using Mother Earth herself as our model. Thus, our ancestors taught us to care for Mother Earth in the same way that she has cared for us for millennia.


The background is inspired by woven Ohlone baskets. Rising across it are two caring hands transforming into native florals and fauna. To further express the richness of our ecosystem when there's mutual care between us and the earth, there are butterflies flying towards this nature transformation.


What this mural also comprises of is HELLA people comin together to make it possible. I wanna thank @illuminatethearts @paintthevoidproject for gathering wonderful volunteers

And to family and friends that joined in 💛

@louisabbee @vampire_frog Jade and Anais @lorenzoteeyel @celluvoidy @ngltgl @michaelgabrielle_ @pamuula @_dionamac @manzmac + Isabela @nonuniformstandard + Ivy, Cosmo (pups count), and Julie

And @chrissnguyen who had come on multiple days to photograph its progress and make sure I'm fed, as always. Film photos by Christopher <3

This mural was one of the more physically difficult ones to complete so having this many hands on deck to help out meant the whole damn world to me. Thank you.


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