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Closing a Chapter: Transitioning from Fashion Design Teaching to Full Time Artist

I joined @youthartx in 2018. Since then, I've taught 11 sessions.

That's 11 semesters filled with Frisco youth, their endless creativity, and their consistent ability to build community with one another.

Fashion design -- as my students put it -- is an outlet for expression. It can be an extension of ourselves.

I can't fully put into words what a blessing it has been to see how students in these 4+ years have utilized fashion design to share with me and the world the futures that they want to fight for.

Stemming inspo for intersectional feminism, BLM movement, migration rights, the honoring of their identities, and more -- I got to firsthand witness how youth can transform tshirts// thrifted finds // various yards of fabric into powerful statement pieces.

My chapter with Youth Art Exchange has come to an end with the summer. My art practice has transformed into a full time venture. And while I'm excited for this new chapter, I'm still sad in turning the page. Let it be known that my YAX students are who I credit in my foundation as a teaching artist 💛


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