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HELLA KITTY All-Female Art Show presented by Cukui & ThatGirl

To celebrate Women's History Month, the clothing brand Cukui and dj ThatGirl hosted an all-female art show throughout March 2017. I was one among the 27 artists chosen to be featured.

Along with visually fighting for women's rights, proceeds of the show went towards the ACLU as a response towards the new U.S. administration.

My artwork featured in Hella Kitty:

The event description is the following:

Hello Kitty is more than just an icon. She's a movement, a global ambassador, a cultural powerhouse, a cobranding phenomenon. Created without a mouth, this blank canvas of expression makes her the perfect muse, allowing people to project their own thoughts and feelings onto the character. Her image has continuously been reinterpreted by artists to explore a wide range of subject matter including gender roles, feminism, political dissent, pop-culture, self-exploration, etc.

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, Cukui and ThatGirl present HELLA KITTY - Remixed and Reimagined. An all female art show featuring a collection of work where artists are given the freedom to reinvent the icon.


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