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Hyphy Honey

mural painted at @solblume 2023

@alexx.cabrera: what's the inspiration behind this one?

Me: I'm just trynna have as much fun as her

And. Yo. I think I did.

Got to be a muralist // live painter for a festival while listening to live music by artists I love and being supported af by my best friends?! Hell yea.

Thank you @solblume for havin this Bay girl come out to play ☀️ Hyphy Honey is out there to vibe with you all.

Thank you again to @xtinahope @cassm_b @yourstrulyleanne_ for sharing the app with me. And wow Nana really threw on an apron to help paint too while in her fest fit

HUGE FKN THANK YOU to @krissyisthexd to whom this whirlwind of a weekend wouldn't have been possible. Making sure I'm fed, taking breaks, helping in color in all the things. Ty for being the best festival mural assistant.

We really did that in 6 hours so that I can head back home... then catch a flight to the homeland lmao

Hello and much love from Manila 😜


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