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Love Looks Like This

My master's thesis hypothesized that by engaging in art that reps your culture(s) , you are making steps in dismantling your colonial mentality.

In other words,

the wounds passed down from the colonizers' teachings can heal when creating art or interacting with art for us and by us.

And, with deeper appreciation of self and cultural identity, we become more open and welcoming of others cultures as well.

Therefore, art is part of our collective healing.

My biggest hope with my work is that it is part of yours. Whether posing at a mural or adding one of the creations to your OOTD, I know damn well that seeing interactions like in these photos is part of my own healing for sure.

Photo 1: SOMA Child Care preschoolers with my mural Bahay at Buhay. Photos 2 and 3: @heyberna and krissyisthexd wearing custom Filipiniana. Photo 4: @kekuileikiponakealoha grad pics at Bahay at Buhay

@callmemanang, not only in a custom bolero terno but also a painting from my We are Home series

"They were so excited like Omggg mama she’s Filipina!" - @been.milky about visiting my mural with her kids


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