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Matapang at Walang Hiya

my first solo show

Invited by @fourbarrelcoffee in San Francisco


Dedicated to women -- especially my fellow pinays -- that's continuing on their journeys of unlearning that there is no shame in

standing up for ourselves

what we want

what we feel

and know is right.

This is to us

to us learning that all the above is an act of bravery

not things to shy away from.

This is also a love letter to my younger self.

For the girl that got called "matapang" in such frequent negative connotations,

she became tongue-tied

not knowing how to stand up for herself.

Bb girl Chi

Can't say I've mastered boundaries setting for us, but I can confidently say that we are learning to unravel more and more our tiny but might voice for the world to hear.

Love notes from the show opening <3

Everyone that pulled up to the opening reception of Matapang at Walang Hiya & homies that sent best wishes-- I'm hella happy to celebrate this debut of new work and this sense of overcoming with you.

Thank you's to

@hideemode for settin the vibes all evening 🎵

@vibrant.stems @racheeeelle for the custom flower head piece, completing the night's look

@chrissnguyen who I, of course, have no pics with lol For supporting me throughout this whole process and even insisting I paint on vacation cus he knew I'd be inspired out there


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