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Recap: Kulay with ChiChai 3/24

Sunday, 3/24 marked the first of ~many more~ Kulay with ChiChai. Not only was it the first of a series, but it's overall my time hosting watercolor workshops independently. I've taught classes and workshops through an array of organizations all over the Bay Area but I hadn't independently hosted workshops (let alone any type of events) in years.

That's what made 3/24 extra special.

Conjuring up a lesson plan, gathering materials, creating own marketing materials and marketing plan, location scouting...

flyer for workshop

Independent work can be daunting but my heart's in it fully. I want to have full autonomy of the space I want to create. And what kind of space is that? A space in which folx feel safe in exploring their own creativity as well as encouraged to.

We originally planned on going to Mori Point & the Pacifica Pier in Pacifica, but -- as I sent in attendees inboxes-- the weather said:

A wind and rain storm made its way to the Bay. THANKFULLY! The Sarap Shop team lent the keys and let me host this ~sold out~ workshop. So rather than focusing on the Pacifica coast, we leaned into the SF Bay coast with the nearby Mission Bay as our inspiration.

But also-- how cute is it that we got to half the workshop surrounded by the characters I doodled for the Sarap Shop team? It felt serendipitous to be in this space.

My workshops traditionally end with a lil' art walk in which everyone has to drop their brushes, place their artwork down, and take the time to admire each others' work.

Can you hear the "wow's" filling the room?

Thank you everyone that joined Kulay with ChiChai! I can't say enough how much y'all makin this artist dream of mine come true.

And thank you @thesarapshop for the assist-- I legit panicked days before as weather said to stay indoors. Y'all saved me and the class.

Photos cred is a mixture of @evelynsees and @ktrinzy


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