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REROOT pt. 2: Fashion Design

For my solo show REROOT, every piece was a mixed media self-portait featuring clothing I designed and made. This post goes into detail of the two outfits I created for the series.

Outfit 1: Bell-Sleeve Boxy Tee, Olive Work Pants, and Layered Wrap Skirt

When researching fashion history in the Philippines, photos from the early 1900's struck me. The bell-sleeve or terno-sleeve pairing with wrap skirts I felt could be very easily transferable to now. I also appreciated that these beautiful silhouettes were found worn by everyday-people. You'll see food vendors, clay-makers, and more wearing variations of big-sleeves with skirt.

The inspiration behind doing this shoot in this specific outfit on BART was to demonstrate bringing ancestral histories into this other part of the world, especially in a place that's part of my everyday.

Outfit 2: Neon Mesh Turtleneck, Plush Utility-Like Terno-Sleeves, Orange Straight-Leg Denim Pants

While this outfit still pulled inspiration from the everyday Filipina in the 1900's, I aimed to bring in more of my own streetwear style into it. Being in the Bay Area, I asked myself how could I make a Filipiniana fit that's for the everyday Filipina today? Welp. It gotta be warm but not lose its femininity. This terno set is filled with batting to help insulate your warmth. And, while it's a top to help protect you from chills, there's just enough of an opening to show off a bodycon top or dress to compliment the figure.

Fun fact about the fits: each was paired with J's designed by different pinays!

Jordan 11's by Aleali May and Jordan 3's by Chi Loyzaga Gibbs


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