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Sharing the Harvest

My mural for @tndcsf upcoming community food hub "Kain Na," a new space to empower those facing food insecurity in Mission Bay with access to healthy and nutritious foods

In honor of the new food community hub being named Kain Na, precolonial Tagalog Goddess Lakapati — the goddess of harvest — peeks through one of San Francisco’s hills. She is featured granting the land to be bountiful and its people fed.

Lakapati is adorned with a full moon and rice leaves. The indigenous prayer for a bountiful harvest was done during the full moon and made with an offering of rice. Black oak acorns — an Ohlone delicacy — beam out her hands as other fruits and flowers grow on her hill, joining in with the community’s sharing of harvest.

Throughout the mural are 7 hills representing the 7 named hills of San Francisco… in addition to an optical illusion of more (we all know there’s definitely more hills in the city.) You’ll also see a body of water all the way to its left and right to represent how San Francisco lays between two large bodies of water.

Woven in the landscape are community members blooming with fresh foods from their cultures. A personal favorite part of growing up in the Bay Area is the ability to enjoy food from around the world in our city alone. This is reflected in the mural as each family shares delicacies from their cultures with one another.

Commissioned by @building180

With assistance by @veecaps 


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