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Tern out for Terno

tern out for terno is a visual conversation about fashion as identity, come dressed in your own interpretation of filipiniana-americana + reclaim the seams with us.

I joined a team of SOMA Pilipinas creatives in designing and creating for this storytelling fashion show. The cast-members included the ever-so talented and hysterical comedy troupe Granny Cart Gangstas. The leading performers were an array of larger-than-life Filipinx drag queens. Credits below.

We took a risk in challenging the historical amnesia that has caused another Marcos to be in office. We aimed to take the audience on a journey of the glamor of Imelda to the cost of that glamour. As said by the show's hosts Nic and Faye, we gotta "wake up from this nightmare."

Babydoll Big Terno

modeled by Alexis from Granny Cart Gangstas

The idea behind this look was to be playful, glamorous, and ready to show-off. It was the kick-off look to the entire show; hence had to be big! From skirt to sleeves.

A Sun Singkil Princess & Her Burning Servants

modeled by queen Lady P Galore with Ava & Lynie from Granny Cart Gangstas

We pulled design inspiration from the regal Singkil dance. But rather from the usual princess, we depicted the dance's leader as Imelda Marcos. While her umbrella servants still dutifully followed the icon, they burned from her sun beams in the process.

Embodiment of Imelda's Shoe Obsession

modeled by Yves Saint Croissant with Gwen from Bindlestiff Theatre and Toni from Granny Cart Gangstas

We wanted the color story to go from the glow of Imelda's glamour to begin desaturating, depicting the destruction that followed from her demands. This "Shoe Imelda" introduces in copper tones with red contrasts, as if to distract the viewers from the violence to come with her shoe collection.

*shoe workers outfits by Cir


Me and the queens <3 Couldn't have asked anyone else to bring life into these garments.



werk by local artists

ciriaco sayoc, balay resident artist + maker // @nonuniformstandard

chichai mateo, balay resident artist + fashion designer // @chichai.empire

aureen almario, bindlestiff artistic director // @aureena

kip yanaga, draq queen + fashion designer // @snackum_dackum

granny cart gangstas // @grannycartgangstas

@stackbeezy @aureena @miss_ava214 @lynieabadilla @lexi974 @toneontop

ladypgalore, local pilipinx drag queen // @ladypgalore

yves st. croissant, local pilipinx drag queen // @yvessaintcroissant

xtina agiterra, local pilipinx drag queen // @xtina_agitera

mimi millennia, local pilipinx drag queen // @mimimillennia

et_iv, producer + artist // @et_iv @astig_sound

joel quizon, opm archivist + collector // @joelquiz

deepth0ts, dj + artist //@stephgancayco @hella_pinay

chris nguyen, photographer // @chrissnguyen

hosted by

nic feliciano // @cocomachetz

faye lacanilao // @fayelacanilao

with support by

bindlestiff studio // @bindlestiff_sf

soma pilipinas // @somapilipinas

balay kreative // @balaykreative

sentro // @sentro_filipino

and a whole lotta support in the sweatshop from @celluvoidy @visionwxyaz @miss_ava214 @superlatebloomer @fayelacanilao @tzizmozza @toneontop


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