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Utility Boxes in the Richmond, SF

Paint the Void hit me up to paint three utility boxes in the Richmond District! My artwork normally stems from a more serious place (from decolonizing journeys to tackling patriarchal white supremacy 🤪.) This series, however, I'm opening the door to playfulness, nostalgia, and tbh... silliness.

Geary & 19th Ave

Milky Morena

ridin the White Rabbit... I mean, the Brown Sea Lion. Oh! And there's also... Hello, Sea Lion and Yan Yan (can't think of something clever for that one lol)

I based the overall box design on Hello Panda boxes with a sea lion twist. I stayed in the realm of primary colors to further add onto the childlike design.

Geary & 20th Ave


Taking advantage of painting a literal box, I imagined what my dream vinyl toy and its casing would look like. Simple daisies and patterns contrasted with big mighty attitude.

Inspired by Osama Tezuka's illustration style.

Geary & 21st Ave

California Coast Spirits

Do you remember, as a kid, we're asked by all the adults what we want to be when we grow up? Well. There was a time in my life when I thought I would be a zoologist or marine biologist.

I moved a lot growing up but being near the Pacific Ocean has been a constant. This is dedicated to her -- Mama Ocean and some of what makes the California coast special.


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