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From my solo show REROOT at The Ramp Gallery of @somarts


11.5 in. X 13.5 in.
Paper, acrylic, gouache and banana leaves on wood
(and hella laughs to myself when creating this one)



8 x 10 in

Archival quality

Printed on Epson Hot Press Paper  which is 100% cotton and thick (300gsm)

note: there is a watermark on the image but is not included on the actual print


This series of work discusses the similar search for things to root to, comin from the #filipinx diaspora and from an estranged family history.

How do we root ourselves when being raised away from the motherland? Are there ancestors to root with when unrooted from our own living family? What and who do we find home in to be grounded in + bloom with?

Barangay in Da Bay

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