Hippie Hypebae Planters with Kokedama!


Each planter is made from a Kidrobot Munny with a waterproof sealed paste of different Nike or Empire in the Air tissue paper. The plant itself is wrapped up as a kokedama ball aka a moss ball! The ball of soil is covered with moss that'll help keep the moisture for the plant and soil.


Hippie Hypebae Planters with Kokedamas will come with:

  • Rocks in the Munny to keep it weighed down
  • Kokedama care card
  • A kokedama ball with either peperomia frost or neon pathos -- I'll contact you upon purchase for options!


Hippie Hypebae Planters with No Plants

will simply come with the decorated Munny



Hippie Hypebae Planters is for Bay Area pick-up only

Will recieve the shipping fee back when picked up

Hippie Hypebae Planters