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Like Mother Earth, I'm Not Yours (2020)

Watercolor and acrylic on plywood

29 x 15 in.


Painted for art exhibit Until It Shatters (2020) at Root Division in San Francisco. During the panel for the show's reception, I shared my intentions put into this piece... this emotionally draining, yet, healing and empowering piece to paint.

I talked about how the abuse, objectification, exploitation, and capitalization of women parallels to that of people's treatment towards nature.

I talked about how this piece exclaims, "No more of that shit!"

"Like Mother Earth, I'm Not Yours" is about reclamation and protection of one to herself, for herself, her body, and her reconnection with the natural world as spiritual.


Original artwork is for Bay Area pick-up only

Will recieve the shipping fee back when picked up

Like Mother Earth, I'm Not Yours

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