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Watercolor, watercolor paper, banig, and ink on wood panel

24 x 36 in.


I created this multimedia collage as an offering to Lakapati after the eruption of Taal Volcano.



This Goddess of Fertility who generously gives to her people and land

This Goddess who flows in gender's fluidity representing the earth's need for balance

This Goddess I glued single grains of rice for as an offering

Her love is meant to be shared.


The common prayer to Lakapati was, "Lakapati, pakainin mo yaring alipin mo. Huwag mong gutumin," which roughly translates to, "Lakapati, feed your servants. Don't let them go hungry." I ask her to bless us with her harmonious ways and the ability to restore the health of earth & its people.


Original artwork is for Bay Area pick-up only

Will recieve the shipping fee back when picked up

Offering to Lakapati

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